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Venus Absorbents V Sorb

The Venus Universal Series is a simple yet effective range of products specifically designed with essential features to provide basic protection. These products assure comfort and value to the wearer, making tiring and challenging work slightly easier to bear.

Absorbant Socks
-Socks are flexible tubes to absorb liquids.
- Moulds as per requirements to cover corners or uneven surfaces
- Wringable & can be incinerated
- Strong wicking actions, absorption begins instantly, Prevents liquids from escaping to other ends

Absorbant Socks
- Pillows are ideal to use under spill pallaets or machines
- Easy to retrieve and can soak liquids in hard to
reach areas including swamps, basins, tanks, reservoirs

- Pre cut pads ideal for small leaks & drips.
- Multipurpose can be also used as industrial wipes


- Perforated select your size
- Dimpled : adds durability & reduces linting
- Non Slip underlayer
- Recommended : Anywhere there is a leak, janitorial, hospitability, water fountains, assembly lines with spills incidence

- Absorption capacity
• Large surface area, less material required.
• Absorbs large quantities of spilled fluids
• 1 kg of absorbent is approximately equal to 6 kg saw dust.

- Stays afloat in marine application
• Does not sink after absorbing the spilt oil
• Can be cleaned easily

- Varieties
• Hazmat Chemical
• Universal-Maintenance
• Oil only-EcoPlus

- User friendly
• Can be easily placed around a liquid spill to block it from spreading
• Absorbs leaks in tight places Lightweight mobile and easy to use Environment friendly, reusable

- Absorption capacity : 20 Ltr
- Contents : Drum Small capacity 50 Ltr, Pad universal, Boom Universal, Pillows Universal, Nitrile Gloves, Disposable bag